在波恩郊區的Bad Godesberg鎮,一所中文學校面臨清算的威脅。德國最古老的中文教育機構將於2020年1月關閉。官方原因是大樓的改建,但社會活動家擔心這是政治動機。


劉康樂(Kangle Liu)告訴general-anzeiger-bonn.de。“後來,我們的學生經常在大型德國公司工作,並可以在國家之間建立橋樑。”


俄羅斯德國尼古拉E,誰面臨類似的隔離當法庭出席俄羅斯學校(閱讀更多取締他的兒子在這裡),告訴EADaily,在他看來,“德國人生存的各種形式的異議和外國學校的,除了’佔領‘ -這是法文,英文和美國。”“出於政治原因,猶太學校仍然開放,而且也不合法,也沒有得到官方的允許,但是出於政治原因,阿拉伯學校也被允許上學。其餘的人,包括西班牙語,意大利語,中文,俄語和其他人,都出去了。見解,思想,集會,知識,經驗,思想的自由並不適合德國。

2019年12月12日 10:56
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Chinese school is under threat of liquidation in Germany

Chinese school in Germany. Illustration: general-anzeiger-bonn.de

In the city of Bad Godesberg, in the suburbs of Bonn, a Chinese school is under threat of liquidation. The oldest Chinese-language educational institution in Germany will be closed from January 2020. The official reason is the renovation of the building, but the public are afraid of a political motive.

The school in Bad Godesberg has over 200 Chinese-speaking students. 90 percent of them are Germans with Chinese roots. The Bonn Chinese School was founded in 1985 and is the oldest Chinese-language educational institution in Germany. Local media reports that parents bring their children to school „from all over the Rhine.““We play an important role for cultural diversity in Bonn,” the school director 

Kangle Liu told general-anzeiger-bonn.de . “Later, our students often work for large German companies and can build bridges between countries.”

The Chinese school is a registered non-profit association and is housed in the building of the Friedrich Liszt Vocational College. The school will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year, but the anniversary may not take place, the school director continued. The fact is that since the beginning of 2020, the building is scheduled to repair the fire safety system. Chinese students go to class the last days, and local authorities are in no hurry to help with the search for alternative premises.“At present, there are intensive discussions between the leadership of the Chinese school and the leadership of the municipal school in Bonn,“ the press service of the city administration briefly commented on the situation.

Russian German E., who faced similar segregation when his son was banned by a court from attending a Russian school (read more here ), told EADaily that, in his opinion, “Germans survive all forms of dissent and foreign schools, except for ‚occupation‘ – that is French, English and American. „“For political reasons, Jewish schools remain open, as well as those that are not legitimate and not officially allowed, but where, again for political reasons, they are allowed to go – Arab schools. All the rest, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian and others, go out … Freedom of opinion, thought, assembly, knowledge, experience, ideas is not for Germany, ” E. believes.

12 December 2019 10:56